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First, Cannon Institute believes that 2016 will be the year of Diversity for most appraisers. As Practitioners in the appraisal profession, we see the dramatic swings in rates and/or demand, and then watch the affect it has on our clients, volume & underwriting. While watching this action, we as appraisers swing from “I’m too busy to breath” to “Mr./Mrs. Scheduler, do you have any work in my area?” This is the direct result of diversity in the markets.

Next, we also realize tremendous diversity with appraisers. As an appraiser, I have attended several meetings with boards, counsels, divisions, and departments. It has been interesting at times to see some appraisers so wrapped up in board minutes and politics, that they’ve forgotten how to measure a house. Conversely, I’ve seen many appraisers who are so interested in “turn & burn” assignments, they forget their own ethical obligations and basic appraisal principles.

Finally, there is diversity in education. I believe this is the root of many organization battles and fundamental flaws in appraising. For instance, I have personally signed up for several information lists and education offerings only to find content lacking in substance. Recently, I came across an information list that invited me to, “Come to my workshop and I’ll show you how to complete 500 residential appraisals every year!” while another offered, “If you want to stay off Fannie’s “Black List” take this course.”

Our goal at Cannon Institute is to provide meaningful tools in a very diverse profession. We encourage free thinking and growth, while offering tools and resources so you have a framework for building your knowledge base AND business. We promise to never solicit you with empty promises or a silver bullet to solve every appraisal problem. We simply ask you read our newsletters and consider us for your educational needs. We will never send newsletters with personal attacks on individuals serving the appraisal profession, or waste your time with disparaging comments directed at our peers. We simply offer food for thought in an effort to diversify your business and for lack of better terms “get the hamster on the wheel.”

Let me give you an example. Did you know the ASC has announced a National Registry for personal property appraisers in 2018? What opportunity, if any, does this present to you? Additionally, if the AQB has required background checks on new applicants, why are appraisers paying anything for additional background checks? If the client wants a background check on you as an appraiser, shouldn’t they be paying for it?

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