Refund / Return Policy for Cannon Institute for all Live Continuing and Qualifying Education Courses.

Attendance and Refund Policy:

The student must be in attendance during the entire class time which is scheduled.  Should a student have an emergency occurrence that causes an absence of any duration during the scheduled class time, the absent time may be made up within one year at no additional charge to the student.  In all situations, credit can not be given until all course work and tests (if applicable) have been satisfactorily completed.

Live course material will be available to each student at the time and place of class.  Should a student request hard copy delivery of the course material prior the class, the material can be shipped early for a ad additional shipping and handling fee.  There will be no refund provision for those students that have selected to have the material shipped early, however the student will still be eligible for a credit up to one year.

It remains the student’s responsibility to determine the appropriateness of any course offered by Cannon Institute.  The following course level is provided:

  • 100 series courses ~ basic and elementary level
  • 200 series courses ~ intermediate and mid level
  • 300 series and above ~ advanced level and may require re-requisites

Other series are designated by other organizations such as The Appraisal Foundation.

Should a student cancel a class prior to the start date of the class, a full credit in the amount paid for tuition will be applied as a credit to the student.

The school may cancel any class within five calendar days of the class starting.  Under a school cancellation the student may receive a full refund or full credit to be determined by the student.
Under no condition will the school be liable for travel or other related costs incurred by the student.


Live classes will be conducted in comfortable ADA approved meeting rooms as selected by the school.